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Location #7 - Ashby (Maclean)

April 27, 2021

Location #7 - Ashby (Maclean)

Stop 7 - Ashby (Maclean NSW) 30April-03May

A little side trip to visit family support while on the border communities QLD/NSW

Tour Journal

Transit day - 30April
  • A quick segue to visit family in Ashby Northern Rivers NSW
  • Stop by Woodburn pie shop!
  • A good old rock and roll jam - mindfulness through music
  • Visit Tullymorgan memorial - Ashby NSW
Day 1 - 01May
  • Team up with Rhonda to cook up a curry feast
  • Catchup with cousin and kids
  • Explore the property
  • Maintenance on Bushy
  • Hangouts
Day 2 - 02May
  • 6min breathing & meditation
  • Visit to Shark Bay @ Bunjalung NP, beach driving
  • Visit to cousins house
  • Mindful photography @sharkbay
  • Teamed up with Rhonda to cook a fresh egg pasta parpadelle with Pumpkin, Pesto & Parmesan w/lemon zest
  • Teamed up with Rhonda to make a kockass homemade lasagne
  • Prep for transit day
  • Panning for Gold