Invisible Injuries- Mental health ambassadors

Location #5 - Stanthorpe (SEQ minitour)

April 05, 2021

Location #5 - Stanthorpe (SEQ minitour)

Stop 5 - Stanthorpe (5-17 April)

Tour Journal

Day 1 - Easter Monday transit - 5 April
  • Nanna visit in Stanthorpe for next two day before returning to Perth
  • A transit to Stanthorpe with just Claire and I
  • Exchange specialist contacts and advocacy with Ash (Beefcake), goodbyes for now and safe travels
  • Adrian Best (Advocate - expecting call), Darren Timms (podcast - Rwanda/Timor/mines 2/4RAR), Dwayne Cashman (Timor/Rwanda 2/4RAR - Podcast) - also keen on visit when in Tasmania
  • A reunion with Banofi, bestest buddy with 4 legs
Day 2 - tourist in the rain - 6 April
  • Donnelly’s castle - where Bushranger thunderbolt had his hideout
  • Retired to accommodation too wet
  • Followed up with sub-branch...timeframe too short to organise presentation but possibility for awareness DJ gig at makers markets and RSL club
Day 3 - where’s the water? 7 April
  • Welfare Check in on high risk veteran - response ok
  • Welfare check in on veteran friend who had some unfortunate incidences.
  • Rock scrambles and Bushranger history
  • Searched the area for water point
  • Our host Debbie invited us to use and detox in her cottage clinic sauna - followed by a guided meditation 20min
Day 4 - oh the relief - 8 April
  • We found water! A big relief for our stay here in Stanthorpe
  • Our focus for Stanthorpe leg is to post produce the content we’ve captured and update our website and socials.
  • Finalise launch episode descriptions for season 2 podcast
  • So good for mental health to see our doggie again
  • Locked in presentation and hosting stall for Loneliness...let’s be connected forum
  • 20min breathing - squaring the circles
  • Geography., map to ground lessons and geocaching with 2 finds for the kids....walked 4kms
Day 5 - Anxiety viewing social media - 9 April
  • 6 min snooze breathing
  • 20min Tabata yoga nose in/ha out
  • Map to ground hunting 4 geocaches with the kids....being present
  • Getting a crack on with post producing our content.
  • Self care and managing getting wrapped up with feeling anxious and beating myself up that I’m not doing enough...wrapped around the axles with social media
Day 6 - The Pyramids - 10 April
  • 20min breathing CO2 Tolerance
  • 20min Tabata yoga core
  • Saturday explore Stanthorpe w/family hunting for picnic ingredients - strawberry picking, cheese, jam and crackers, charcuterie - picnic at Girraween National Park
  • 4km return w/ 250m climb of the “Pyramid” Granite formation
  • Recce of “cold immersion” spot in river next week
Day 7 - Reach with Radio - 11 April
  • The cold is making old injuries sore - shoulders in particular...the yoga and breathing has been better for the back but I still have to stretch it heaps for mobility *NB work on DVA pre-approval for referrals as we’re mobile with rehab program for accepted i juries
  • Breathing - 9min control the rage
  • 20min - Tabata yoga nose in:ha out
  • Guest interview slot on Noosa Community Radioshow with WendyOh
  • Hooking into post producing our content.
  • Finalise and schedule Season 2 premier episode for tomorrow morning
  • Prep brochures for - Teducing social isolation workshop on Thursday
  • Mindfulness Australia welfare officer checked up on me today.
  • Homeschooling fun with the kids
Day 8 - 12 April
  • 20min breathing
  • 20min Tabata yoga
  • Launch podcast and shared on all social media platforms
  • Confimrd GoLd Coast collaboration w/ Veteran Grappling
Day 9 - 13 April
  • Connect with a civvy who’s mate was ex SF, totally supports mental health and our tour
  • 20min circle breathing
  • 1hr swimming
  • Coord w/ Vietnam vets men shed in GC for Bushy to be worked on
  • Coord Gary Stone - Timor Awakening
  • Update website
  • 1hr deep tissue massage detox
Day 10 - 14 April
  • 20min breathing
  • 1hr swimming movement
  • Cooked dinner for our hosts
  • 1hr detox steam bath session
  • Continue post production
Day 11 - 15 April
  • Travelled back to Sunshine Coast foe the day 8hrs on the road to contribute and be a panelist for - Loneliness, let’s connect forum. As part of suicide prevention in communities reference group
Day 12 - 16 April
  • Content post production
  • 10min quick breathing session
  • A visit to Kent Saddlery and final explore of Stanthorpe
  • Prep for transit day and goodbyes to Banofi D.O.G