Invisible Injuries- Mental health ambassadors

Location #4 - Toowoomba (SEQ minitour)

March 24, 2021

Location #4 - Toowoomba (SEQ minitour)

Stop 4 - Toowoomba (24 March - 5Apr)

Tour Journal

Transit day 24 March
  • Had a great chat with Zoe Pilkington from SP about their amazing services and what owner Rod does with their “Hug a bear” program visiting rural country Queensland towns “out west”
  • Lunch stop at Goomeri
  • Spanner in the works for our accommodation as locations flooded out.
  • Refuel at Nanango and checked out ANZAC memorial
  • Passed through Yarraman, cooyar, crows nest, cabarlah (my first unit 7SIG)
  • Our accommodation was cancelled by owner due to rain washout and unforeseen events.
  • Staying at Showground a and sought input to alternatives closeby YV tbar.
Day 1 - getting into the swing - 25March
  • Squaring away our accommodation
  • 20mins morning breathwork session
  • 20mins Yoga & movement
  • Met with Tom veteran and booked podcast and viewing of his workshop for menta Heath and PTSD
  • Locked in Matt journalist for next Monday - Former media liaison officer for Defence
  • Awaiting details of YV socials Thursday/Friday to introduce Tom and meet and greet
  • Gifted Anzac book to Tom and possibility of him as contribute for cartoons too
  • Checked out alternate site - met Phil & Erika, offered the kids Milking Goats experience
  • Helped connect Brent enquiry to YVSC equine therapy course
  • Attended, meet and greet Young Veterans Toowoomba at RSL sub-branch (6 veterans)...what an amazing experience and space they’ve created.
  • Tee’d up podcast with Scott May (YVT & sub-branch president)
  • Referred to Stephen Ozborne....veterans archery program at showgrounds
  • Amber Martin - veteran artist
Day 2 - another short transit 26 March
  • 20min circles breathing
  • 20min Tabata yoga challenge
  • A quick transit to Big 4 as our farm stay was rained out...something for the kids foe the next few days
  • Connected VHA and YVT
  • Visited TRSL sub branch for regular social and met some older veterans, hang out the back with the younger veterans (11vets)
  • Also brought Tom from Camp Gregory to meet some of the younger vets
  • Invited back to Tom’s to meet his immediate support (Wife Karen, son and grandson - 1 family) and checked out his workshop and woodworking, carving and art pieces (activity for mental Health)
  • A telecall with my DVA vocational rehab provider, Work Rehab. Chatted about courses that would add skills and value to our podcast and content creation for our charity.
Day 3 - Why not adventure - 27Mar
  • 20min Tabata yoga challenge
  • Met Wayne and wife (ex navy) on tour from Brisbane (1 veteran / 1 family)
  • An adventure to Picnic Point
  • 7 Sig mates catchup w/ Bec Murphy on Sunday
  • 7 Sig mates catchup w/ Byron Lane next week
  • Met ASH ex RAAF, doing the lap and helping at risk veterans via zoom, his wife Nikki and son (1 veteran / 1 family)
Day 5 - catch-ups - 28Mar
  • 20min passive to active breathing session
  • A visit to the Toowoomba makers market
  • Sunday hangs at the Big 4
  • Recorded a podcast episode with Tom Cerwin ex 2/4RAR
  • An impromptu arvo with Ash & wife, ex 4SQN...great to hear his story and what they are doing now for the veteran community in the background.
Day 6 - Toowoomba - 29 March
  • Presented a 2CDO wood turned key ring gift by Ash’s friend who he mentioned what we’re doing and made it for us. (1 x veteran & 1 x family who are doing the lap)
  • Homeschooled kids 1hr
  • 45min run 8km
  • 20min Tabata yoga challenge
  • Recorded Monday thoughts for social media - 3min, One step at a time & vocational rehab
  • Met with Matt Grant ex-ADF media liaison officer and spoke about podcast...learned some pointers on making it better with improved interviewing skills. (1 x veteran, Timor Leste & Iraq)
Day 7 - Lay Day - 30 March
  • 20min Tabata yoga flow
  • Veteran mate in my old callsign rang Mick Guerts to catchup (1 veteran)
  • Byron lane veteran old detachment commander catchup. (1 x veteran)
  • Update website and content....almost ready for podcast S2 launch
  • Vehicle maintenance hookup with MS mechanics through young veterans
Day 8 - on top of the mountain - 31 March
  • Caught up with veteran mate and fellow Survive to Thrive course graduate, Jay Trenham for a catchup and rock scramble up Tabletop mountain (1veteran)
  • 1.5hr active PT session as above
  • A kids treat to Cobb and Co museum where they learnt about Roman, local Indigenous history, played with the Science exhibition and the olden day horse drawn coaches and woodworking skills.
  • Recorded a dynamic 3 person podcast (our first) with Young Veterans & Toowoomba RSL sub-branch president Scott May & Deputy, Sheldon Rogers. A very dynamic, fun and passion driven episode.
Day 9 - Mini Easter transit April
  • A mini transit, setup and pre-Easter day.
  • Catching up with new veteran friends Ash & Nikki and their son BJ at farmlet outside Toowoomba
Day 10 - Good Friday 2 April
  • 10min breathing squares
  • Breathe me Coaches course completion ceremony (zoom$
  • Catchup with veteran & fellow IET mate Bec Murphy and her boys Jack & Adam (1 veteran & family)
Day 11 - Easter Saturday - 3April
  • Lazy morning windswept and threatening rain
  • A visit to Sean McArthy way (Highfields) to pay our respects
  • Arvo hangs & Andy Easter special dinner with our veteran camp friends
Day 12 - Easter Sunday - 4 April
  • Rainy day inside caravan
  • Surface when rain subsided for a few mins to do Easter egg hunt for the kids
  • I got to be mindful an enjoy cooking up a hot fresh pumpkin soup comfort food for the he two families and part time groundskeeper
  • Had the pleasure of just reading and finishing off Anzac graphic novel by former Army illustrator Dave Dye
  • Dinner shares with our new friends to round off the Easter weekend as we’re both off to our next stops tomorrow...