Invisible Injuries- Mental health ambassadors

Location #3 - Standown Park, Goomboorian (Hervey Bay - SEQ minitour)

March 17, 2021

Location #3 - Standown Park, Goomboorian (Hervey Bay - SEQ minitour)

Stop 3 - Hervey Bay - Standown Park

Tour Journal

Transit day - 17 March
  • Met 2 veterans Tex & Spike on the way out and wife (2 vets / 1 family)
  • Met Vietnam veteran and owner - Ray? Of Standown park
Day 1 - Nanna at Hervey Bay - 18 March
  • Met a Young veteran named Judd (ex Engineer) - owns several snap fitness (Rochedale/ Kennore) - has program foe DVA sending vocational rehab workers transitioning to industry + service dog & partner (1vet, 1partner, 1 service dog)
  • Richard Mann came to meet and greet at Standown Park today - 1 vet
  • Grateful to see the kids Nanna at Hervey Bay and visit the botanical gardens..very peaceful
Day 2 - Hervey Bay hangs 19 March
  • Visited the Reefville aquarium
  • Presented at Gympie RSL sub-branch and listened to Veterans Retreat & Johnny Hoarau services announcement. 12 veterans / 2 families
  • Have potential contact referrals from Johnny for Toowoomba & Gold Coast
  • Suicide watch first aid (Angus), enacted Overestch network for high risk veteran
Day 3 - a rainy lay day - 20March
  • 20min yoga flow
  • Caravan maintenance
  • Recorded first mix - tales from the road DJ Antix exclusives foe Invisible Injuries
  • Hang out at the common area for arvo happy hour
  • Kids shared their story of Nanna hangs
  • Hi risk veteran checkup - He’s okay
Day 4 - lazy Sundays - 21 March
  • 20min Sunday breather - squaring the circles
  • 20min Day 1: yoga Tabata challenge
  • Connected Gympie Veteran Patrick with PMA document to assist with his claims
  • Met Peter who’s father was a veteran in WWII (1 family)
Day 5 - exploring day - 22 March
  • Exploring the area according to local veterans recommendations from Standown park & YV Gympie
  • Dolphin feeding experience in Tin Can Bay
  • Recorded podcast with Richard Mann
  • Met Ken ex sub mariner 20years and his wife Tilly 1vet / 1family
  • Met Bill ex 5/7 & 3RAR cook 1vet
  • Spoke with the Vietnam vets and local residents - 6 vets
  • Photography for mindfulness - Standown park
  • Met Kym from Cooloola berries who told us the story of the sunflowers planted at SP and community fundraising contribution
Day 6 - Admin & Homeschooling day 23 March
  • Beeline back to Noosa day trip (just Andy) for WoRk Rehab specialist appointment. (DVA)
  • Homeschooling kids
  • Referred and connected to a veteran journalist for podcast ex-officer Matt Grant in Toowoomba
  • 20min breathing movement and centering
  • 20min Tabata yoga flows
  • Massive undercover area which includes, 
  • Camp kitchen & additional supply fridges
  • Bush Bar…BYO drinks alcoholic or otherwise
  • Cool memorabilia
  • Digger memorial by the pond
  • Camping, Caravans, RV’s
  • Is a caravan park that’s veteran friendly and has older veteran long term residents willing to share a yarn or two
  • Toilet and shower block
  • Powered and unpowered sites with water
  • Dump point
  • Fire pit
  • Service dogs a big yes!
Things to do
  • Respite and chill out 
  • Dusk “Happy hour” yarns for social engagement at the camp kitchen, common area
  • Feed the dolphins at Tin Can Bay
  • Lunch and beach hangs @Rainbow Beach
  • Beach driving and surfing at Rainbow Beach / Double Island point
  • Day trip to K’Gari (Fraser Island) from Inskip point or Hervey Bay (4WD only)
  • When its dry check out Inskip point to watch the 4WD’s get bogged..there’s even a youtube channel “I got bogged at inskip point” 
  • Mary Poppins trail at Maryborough
  • Day trip to Hervey Bay & Reefworld aquarium
  • Cooloola Berries is a must! They also are veteran & first responder community supporters
  • Day trip to Gympie & surrounds