Invisible Injuries- Mental health ambassadors

Location #24 - Exmouth (Pilbara / Gascoyne) WA

October 20, 2021

Location 24 - Exmouth (Pilbara / Gascoyne)

Tour Journal

Transit Day 1 - 20Oct
  • 20min breathing
  • 10min power Abs (core rehab)
  • Pack for transit to Onslow
  • Staircase to the moon mindful photography session
Transit Day 2 - 21 Oct
  • Dawn mindful photography - sunrise through the rising sun ANZAC memorial
  • Met Tug, ex 20years Navy and spoke to him about our tour at the memorial, dropped off brochure / 1 x veteran
  • 45min morning walk with Phoenix along Onslow boardwalk and mindful photography
  • Transit day to gravel pit (yanarie rest stop)
  • Welfare call from Rachel @ Work Rehab
  • Claire brilliant idea 💡for future II products (shh TS)
  • Lifeline Gateway G webinar (final sessions before qualifying as an official text crisis volunteer)
  • Full moon
Transit Day 3 - 22 Oct
  • Transit day to Exmouth caravan park for pre-cape range hangs
  • Put in prime awareness position next to pool, camp kitchen and common areas - reach approx 300 people per day
  • Lifeline placement shift 4 - fine qualifying session
  • Spoke with RAAF veteran exmouth / 1 x veteran
Day 4 - 23 Oct
  • Self care session - connecting. With nature - 1.5hr surfing at Dunes beach, Exmouth
  • Left water to message from a good friend Mel that her husband veteran PS had suddenly passed away overnight….devastating and sad
  • Prep admin before off-grid : top ups
  • Met Nick from Kununurra who’s best mates we’re in 2 Cav and he was a support for them when their menta heath want so good / 1 x immediate support
Day 5 - 24 Oct
  • Pack up and transit from Exmouth to Nth Kurrajong, Cape Range National Park for our anniversary getaway.
  • Met Neil and Sally-Anne both ex-Royal Marine (UK) veterans and had evening drinks and nibbles with the on-site caravanners / 2 x veterans
  • Mindful photography & connect to nature snorkelling
Day 6 - 25 Oct
  • Connect to nature - surf at dunes beach
  • Mindful photography and chill out to let mind and body rest
  • Checked out information center
  • Chatted more to veteran Neil & Sally Ann about their experiences in the military
Day 7 - 26 Oct
  • 1hr beach walk
  • Connect with nature, 1hr ocean swim
  • Saw our traveler friends 3 will roam and found out husband - ex navy veteran - 1 x veteran, 1 x Immediate support
  • Welfare call to veteran PS widow to see if she’s ok.
Day 8 - 27 Oct
  • Allowing self-care to rest, recover and process passing of mate I still have feelings of guilt (and in my head) that I’m doing anything…..This im overcoming but they are there nonetheless
  • A great day reconnecting with nature 2hr snorkelling Ningaloo reef @ Turquoise Bay
  • Mindful photography
Day 9 - 28 Oct
  • Connecting with nature and son - Snorkelling turquoise bay 1hr
  • 2hr no kid hangs with Claire
  • Sunset social drinks with our amazing new friends
  • Pre-prep for transit