Invisible Injuries- Mental health ambassadors

Location #19 - Kakadu Dreaming

August 23, 2021

Location 19 - Kakadu Dreaming

Tour Journal

Transit day - 23 Aug
  • 20min breathing
  • 25min Workout of the week
  • Transit day to the Southern end of the Kakadu national park
  • Struggling with little sleep and PTSD symptoms from news last week
  • Setup at Mary River Roadhouse/Caravan park where we met John the owner of 29 years and Vietnam Veteran (NZ) / business partner Rick (Indigenous elder 9RAR) - 1 Veteran
  • Met a couple (ER nurse who’s kids are Ex military and Police) - 1 First responder and / 1 x Family
  • Possible follow up regarding veterans at MRR and his vision for caravan park
Day 1 - 24 Aug
  • Pack 4WD for visit to Yurmikmik falls (Motorcar pools) - a recommendation from veteran John for mindfulness, connection to country and healing
  • 2hr walk, 1hr swim at Motorcar pools, Yurmikmik falls.
  • Met Bryn the ex-firefighter from Darwin who was with his partner and did photography and Bush walking for his mental health. 1 x FR, 1 x Support
  • 30min service call for website upgrade
  • Lifeline volunteer module
Day 2 - 25Aug
  • Transit day to Jabiru ans small explore of the southern end of park on the way up
  • Explored and found an amazing waterhole called Fern Gully on recommendation of Vietnam veteran John
  • Setup camp HQ at Ambilik caravan park and found childhood house
Day 3 - 26 Aug
  • 20min breathing
  • 10min yoga / Physio stretches for shoulder
  • Booked DVA approved Physio for Darwin leg
  • Lifeline modules
  • Darwin ESO reach out for catch-ups in a few weeks
  • Admin and content scheduling day.
Day 4 - 27Aug
  • 50min run
  • 20min breathing
  • Explore Cahill Crossing (crocodiles) - East Alligator river and Rock art at Ubir
  • Mindful photography
  • Lifeline modules
Day 5 - 28 Aug
  • 10min breathing
  • Rest day
  • Lifeline gateway C assessment
  • Caravan maintenance and mapped out power supply upgrade
Day 6 - 29 Aug
  • An spectacular day trip to Jim Jim falls
  • Bush walking and rock scrambling to the falls 3km return
  • Cold water immersion and grounding at Jim Jim falls
  • Mindful photography
Day 7 - 30Aug
  • WOW - 40mins
  • 15min breathing
  • Sent W4W our II patches for awareness on their next event
  • Mindful photography
  • Watched sunset at Nawurlanja - Nourlangie region
Day 8 - 31 Aug
  • 4hr (2.5hrs) bush walk at Ubir - Badbong (Sandstone river walk) - East Alligator river
  • Website upgrade content production
  • Beat the heat
  • itenerary pre-olanning for Vet retreats Darwin area/ESO visits
  • Mindful photography
Day 9 - 1 Sep
  • Rest & admin day…it’s super hot
  • Website content production
  • Backup content to hardrive for post production
  • Post Darwin itenerary planning
  • Follow up - Darwin Retreat & Woodys place
Day 10 - 2 Sep
  • 5min Snooze up breathing and gratitude
  • 20min breathing - circles w/breath holds
  • 100 push-ups, side lunges, standing ab twists
  • Bush walk yellow water & visit cultural center - Cooinda
Day 11 - 3 Sep
  • 20min breathing
  • 40min walk around Jabiru
  • A mosey transit prep day turned into a hasty pack up as the caravan park stuffed up the check out date.
  • So proud at the speed and accuracy of our hasty pack up….even the kids knew their jobs
  • Last day transit to Bark Hut Inn for overnighter