Invisible Injuries- Mental health ambassadors

Location #16 - Overlanders Way

July 27, 2021

Stop 16 - Overlanders Way

Tour Journal

Day 1 - 27 Jul
Cairns to Townsville
  • Overnighter @ Blue Water free camp
  • A promising day turned stressful and long with the trailamate jack points not leaving enough clearance for suspension to do it’s thing. Rear tires were running and taking chunks out everytime we drove over sugar cane tracks on the highway.
  • We were helped out by mate Bernie who removed them with a grinder before we parked up at freecamp.
  • New overnighter routine at free camps still hitched on.
day 2 - 28 Jul
Townsville to Charters Towers
  • Early transit to start our Overlanders Way adventure
  • Arrived at Big 4 - Oasis (Charters Towers)
  • Supply run
Day 3 - 29 July
Charters Towers
  • Rest morning
  • Home schooling
  • Charters towers hill & WWII bunkers
  • Gold cottage tour & panning
  • Governance - Fin reports
Day 4 - 30 Jul
Charters Towers to Richmond
  • 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats
  • Transit day
  • Setup camp and explore the town & swimming hole
Day 5 - 31 Jul
Richmond to Julia Creek
  • 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats
  • Transit day
  • Setup and take in scenery at Julia Creek Caravan park.
  • Listened to country music performance by sunset and met Kai ex-Sig and family on their tour. I spoke with him previously about equine therapy and it was great to meet in person and family - 1 veteran / 1 x family
  • Complete dry July 🥳
Day 6 - 01 August
Julia Creek Hangs
  • 1hr sunrise run &
  • Mindful photography
  • Organised Ropers crossing for veterans retreat.
  • Farewelled our next door camper neighbors and found out their nephew is currently serving at 2CDO. J.Mason - 1 x family
  • Evening hang outs with veteran Kai, Lara and baby Poppy
  • Prep for Lifeline course
Day 7 - 02 Aug
Julia Creek - Mt Isa
  • Transit day
  • Supply run and NT itenerary prep
Day 8 - 03 Aug
Mt Isa
  • Haven’t been sleeping well
  • Had COVID Pfizer - dose 1
  • NT intenerary prep
  • Supply run & packing
  • Commenced Lifeline text support training
  • Spoke with Psych KR for self-care
Day 9 - 04 Aug
Mt Isa - Camoweal
  • Weighbridge check
  • 6min snooze up w/ gratitude
  • Met civvy Chris who’s best mate is one of the organizers for Ropers Crossing veterans retreat (our next proper stop in Mataranka NT)- 1 x support
  • Visited drovers camp museum and met Pete Finney who’s ex-driver mate was a Vietnam veteran - 1 x support
  • Explored the Camoweal Caves national park and visited the caves, a place of indigenous cultural spiritual healing
  • Mindful photography - the outback
Day 10 - 05 Aug
Camoweal - Barkly Homestead
  • 20min breathing - cycle energy
  • 100 push-up, sit-up, squats
  • Yippee we’re crossing the border to NT 🤙
  • Checked by officer C.Smith who chatted about the in-service culture of NT Pol looking after their people well - 1FR
  • Met up with veteran mate Stacy Grey and his mate Darren on a boys road trip and catch-up…positive mental health 2 veteran
  • Met some amazing cubby friends Brett & Kylie
Day 11 - 06 Aug
Barkley Homestead - Banka Banka Station
  • 20min breathing
  • 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats
  • Continue winter warrior challenge
  • Transit day
  • Our Overlanders way journey completed with our visit to Tenant Creek…Andy showed where he lived as a kid and a quick drive down the main drag, acknowledgement to country before continuing to Banka Banka
  • Mindful photography at the station
  • Sam the owner gave Andy the opportunity to perform a DJ mindful music set to the campers by the fire pit - 2.5hr set well received and spoke about mental health and PTSD
  • Gig stats - Campsite 200 persons, 8 veterans (Tri-service), 8 first responders (pol, Firies, ER nurse, Paramedics), 20 families & immediate support - what an amazing experience for our message
  • Our son Phoenix was asking more about PTSD and what it is.
Day 12 - 07 Aug
Banka Banka Station - Gravel pit
  • 10min breathing with gratitude
  • Got Sam Banka Banka details for follow up veterans respite at his property in Gold Coast hinterland
  • Referred veteran Verne & Deb to Ropers veterans retreat
  • Transit day Banka Banka to Gravel pit free camp
  • Working out our mobile data strategy
  • Mindful photography & work on Mural art album
  • Revisit our budget and itenerary to take into account fuel & camp costs
Day 13 - 8 Aug
Gravel pit - Mataranka
  • 10min breathing & gratitude
  • 15min Perimeter walk around gravel pit
  • Transit to Mataranka & refuel
  • Modules 1 & 2 & submit self-care plan for Lofeline crisis volunteer text support course
  • Checked into Little Roper station for 2 nights as staging ground prior to entering retreat and admin
  • Completed our Overlanders way!