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Mindful Calm 01 - 18Sep19

September 10, 2019

Mindful Calm 01 - 18Sep19

Mindful Calm is the first mix in a new series for Invisible Injuries Project, a non-for-profit aimed at raising awareness of Post Traumatic Stress injury in Military Veterans and First Responders, culminating in a 12 month tour around Australia with myself DJ Antix and family advocating for the above.

Being a DJ Im able to be mindful through music, which I get to share with people. The Mindful Calm series will be series of downtempo/electronica mixes that take you to another place.
During the tour I aim to record the Mindful Calm mixes in picturesque locations which also reflect the holistic approach to self care of PTS sufferers.

We are also incorporating the street art images captured during our tour as part of our mindful photography practice. The image was taken at Tour Location 1 - Gympie and was created by students painting on broken tiles so that a mosaic footpath could then be created from each individually painted piece.