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Midnight 33 - Gravity (minimix) 20Sep23

September 20, 2023

Midnight 33 - Gravity (minimix) 20Sep23

A little midweek minimix (part 1 of 3) of some underground goodness I've been getting into recently inspired by duo nightclub DC/Gravity in Northbridge, Perth circa late 90's early 00's. I didn't want to cross over too much with a whole bunch of new tracks I've been digging so decided on a 3 part minimix to cover the different spaces of that club.

GRAVITY was the more deep, hypnotic, chugging & higher energy styles backroom space that lent itself to techno, melodic house & techno.

DC's was geared toward house music synths, big builds, vocals and the mainroom of the nightclub

Conjoined by the CAVE where the munted could take 5 and chillout to seedy, sleezy and durrrty beats.

Photography: Claire Fermo
Location: Karatha WA
Artist: Unknown