Invisible Injuries- Mental health ambassadors

Mindful Music

The story


Music has always played an important role for co-founder Andy Fermo, who learned to play guitar as a teenager and it was all about underground electronic music when he joined the Army and bought his first set of DJ decks.

Fast forwarding 10 years and experiencing PTSD Andy stopped doing the things he was passionate about, including playing guitar and performing as DJ.

The spark was reignited, having a positive effect on his mental health, when Andy's wife Claire threw him into the deep end, to DJ at a womens networking and fashion event in Noosa, QLD.

Now, Andy gets a buzz DJ'ing in front of a crowd as his alter ego "DJ Antix" playing open format of most music styles to a wide demographic from kids to the oldies....and of course dance music.


Mindfulness through music


Music has a way of reaching out to many people, evoking many emotions and sets the tone for what we may be doing. DJ Antix shares his passion with a series of mixes designed to chill out and relax, mediate, workout or a long road trip.

Sit back, put on those headphones or crank it up loud and get your groove on.