Invisible Injuries- Mental health ambassadors

Get Involved

Our reach and delivery of service is best achieved through the generosity of the public and support of fellow veteran / first responder communities.

We're grateful for our volunteers and supporters who have a shared believe in our message and charitable cause. We're only the face of the message and need you, our extended team, to assist us in achieving our mission statement and goals.

There's many ways you can get involved and be part of a community based, solution focused approach to mental health, PTSD awareness and suicide prevention.     

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When things are at their darkest, the faintest light is enough to ignite that spark and an outreached hand is easier to reach when you know it's there to hold.

Every dollar goes a long way and your donation support assists us to deliver our programs, produce content for the benefit of our veterans, first responders and their immediate support experiencing PTSD.



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Are you inspired to do something for a cause and message you believe in and support?

Why not host a fundraising event on our behalf such as: physical activities, social connection gatherings, go without / kick a habit, create a team for a cause. 

Do you have another idea for a cool fundraiser? Let us know as we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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Our volunteers are passionate and share a belief in our message and charitable work to support and better the mental health and wellbeing of veterans, first responders and their immediate support experiencing PTSD.

They and are the engine driving Invisible Injuries and we need volunteers who share these values and the opportunity to give back to those who've served us.

We're looking for committed and passionate volunteers to assist with: Content contributors, admin/social media, mental-health ambassadors and events.