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S05E3 - Flip the script - Al Somers (RN/Veterans Transition Center) pt 1

April 10, 2024

S05E3 - Flip the script - Al Somers (RN/Veterans Transition Center) pt 1

In this episode of the Invisible Injuries podcast we delve into Al Somers (ex-Royal Navy) journey of transitioning from military life in Scotland to becoming a stay-at-home parent in Adelaide, Australia. 

We explore the challenges of finding employment, the decision-making process behind becoming a stay-at-home parent, and the evolving role of gender expectations in parenting. 

Join us as we discuss the value of parenting, the importance of community support, and the need for adaptability in navigating life's transitions. Al's story "Flipping the script" serves as an empowering reminder that unconventional paths can be rewarding and purposeful.

  • Key Takeaways: 
    • Transitioning from military service to civilian life poses unique challenges, including employment and identity shifts.
    • Gender expectations and societal stigmas influence decisions regarding caregiving responsibilities within partnerships.
    • Re-entering the workforce after an extended break requires resilience and support from both individuals and communities.
    • Parenting is a fundamental role that deserves recognition and support, challenging traditional views on work and caregiving.
    • Building inclusive and supportive communities is essential for individuals navigating life's transitions.

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