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S05E2 - Flip the script - Kurt Ludke (Commando Cook) pt2

April 03, 2024

S05E2 - Flip the script - Kurt Ludke (Commando Cook) pt2

In the concluding episode of the Invisible Injuries podcast, host Andy Fermo continues his conversation with Kurt Ludke, ex-Special forces commando, adaptive sports athlete and mental health ambassador. Kurt shares his journey of finding therapy through a recent knifemaking programafter his time as an ex-special forces commando, highlighting how it helped him cope with challenges and connect with others. 

He delves into his experience "flipping the script" as a stay-at-home dad, emphasising the importance of this role and how it has allowed him to evolve his cooking skills, finding passion and therapy in the kitchen as the Commando Cook.

The conversation explores the therapeutic aspects of cooking and nutrition, touching on the significance of wholesome food for mental well-being. Kurt provides insights into his approach to mental health and self-care, advocating for keeping busy, prioritising a healthy body, and surrounding oneself with supportive people. 

*Spoiler alert - Rounding off the episode Kurt announces his collaboration with Invisible Injuries to create meal plans and recipes aimed at promoting mental well-being through nutrition.

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