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S05E07 - Stu McKenzie (Road2Resilience) pt1

May 22, 2024

S05E07 - Stu McKenzie (Road2Resilience) pt1

In this 5 part series host Andy Fermo chats with registered psychologist Stuart McKenzie where the theme is "Road 2 Resilience - Unleashing your inner strength".

Having met through a veteran telehealth service during COVID Stuart brought to light his work on refining the Map of Resilience and how people suffering grief, loss and mental health issues will at (many points) visit the places on the map.

In this episode the duo explore the emotional rollercoaster of relationship changes. Stu introduces the "resilience map" illustrating this journey, emphasising that while anticipated changes can be navigated smoothly, unexpected ones can lead to emotional turmoil.

They stress the importance of acknowledging and expressing emotions, outlining steps for effective management: acknowledgment, expression, and acceptance. Avoiding emotions can lead to numbness or prolonged anger.

The recovery phase, symbolised by a "forest of hope," allows for rest and energy renewal. The hosts highlight the significance of emotional resilience and invite listeners to the next episode on maintaining emotional well-being in relationships.

Key Takeaways from their chat:

1. Acknowledge emotions to begin the healing process.
2. Expressing emotions is crucial for emotional movement and healing.
3. Accepting emotions helps in managing and overcoming them effectively.
4. Avoidance of emotions can lead to emotional numbness.
5. Navigating intense emotions involves acknowledging, expressing, and accepting them.
6. Emotional resilience is built through the continuous process of managing emotions.
7. The "forest of hope" phase is essential for energy recovery and regaining strength.
8. Sudden, unforeseen changes can lead to severe emotional distress and require careful navigation.
9. Anger can often be a projection of deeper, unacknowledged pain.
10. Emotional well-being in relationships requires ongoing effort and self-awareness.
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