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S05E06 - Flip the script - Mat Austin (SFEW) pt2

May 08, 2024

S05E06 - Flip the script - Mat Austin (SFEW) pt2

In the concluding episode of our "Flip the script" theme, Andy Fermo engages in a candid conversation with veteran Mat Austin, ex Electronic Warfare (SF) operator.

Mat shares his journey of "Flipping the script", assuming the role of a stay-at-home parent and homemaker, which deviates from the traditional breadwinner role. Mat reflects on the day-to-day challenges of parenting, emphasising the need for emotional regulation and self-awareness. 

Despite facing judgment from others and struggling with feelings of inadequacy, Mat finds fulfilment in spending time with his children and being actively involved in their growth and development. He acknowledges the importance of seeking balance between personal fulfilment and family responsibilities. Through his story, Mat highlights the significance of authenticity, self-compassion, and seeking support in navigating non-traditional roles.

Key Takeaways                                  

  • Importance of emotional regulation  - Mental health
  •  Being authentic with oneself  - Self-Care          
  • Seeking support when needed  -  Mental Health        
  • Balancing personal fulfilment and family - Self-Care           
  • Challenging traditional gender roles  - Mental Health        
  • Finding purpose in parenting  - Mental Health        
  • Overcoming feelings of inadequacy  - Mental Health        
  • Recognizing the value of self-care - Self-Care           
  • Building rapport and connection with children - Mental Health      
  • Prioritising family well-being  - Mental Health      

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