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S05E05 - Flip the script - Mat Austin (SFEW) pt1

May 01, 2024

S05E05 - Flip the script - Mat Austin (SFEW) pt1

In this episode we chat with our third and final guest for our theme "Flip the script."  

Mat Austin (ex SF Electronic Warfare operator) opens up about his military experiences, including deployments to Afghanistan and Timor. He shares candid insights into the intensity of military operations, the bonds formed between soldiers, and the challenges of transitioning from military to civilian life. 

Mat discusses his personal struggles with the aftermath of traumatic events, the impact on his mental health, and the weight of responsibility he carries. The conversation moves onto "flipping the script" delving into Mat's journey of parenting after military service and the unique stresses that come with it.

Key Takeaways from our chat:

  • The intense operational tempo and high-stress environments of military deployments.
  • The emotional impact of traumatic events and the struggle with guilt and responsibility.
  • Challenges in transitioning from military life to civilian roles, "Flipping the script" particularly in the context of parenting and being a stay-at-home dad
  • The importance of seeking support and understanding in navigating the complexities of post-deployment life.
  • Reflections on personal growth, resilience, and the ongoing journey towards healing and recovery.

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