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S05E01 - Flip the script - Kurt Ludke (Commando Cook) pt

March 27, 2024

S05E01 - Flip the script - Kurt Ludke (Commando Cook) pt

In the opening episode of Invisible Injuries podcast - Season 5 the focus is on themes, kicking off with “Flipping the script” where our male guests (for whatever reason) have “flipped thier script and found themselves taking more of a support role, the challenges, the invaluable benefits and overcoming stigmas.

In episode one, host Andy Fermo speaks with Kurt Ludke, an ex-Special Forces Commando, about his experiences serving in the military and the challenges he’s faced with mental health and wellbeing.

Kurt shares insights into the intense training and preparation required for deployments, the adrenaline rush of combat situations, and the somber reality of losing comrades in a helicopter crash. He opens up about the toll that deployments took on his mental health, including struggles with depression and anger issues, and the difficulty of seeking support within the military culture.

Reflecting on his transition out of the military, Kurt discusses the impact on relationships and the process of rebuilding his life post-service. Through candid conversations, Kurt and Andy shed light on the unseen battles faced by military personnel and the importance of mental health support for veterans.

Don't miss this insightful Season 5 opening episode of "Flipping the script" where Kurt's story offers a glimpse into the challenges and resilience of those who have served.

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