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S04E22 - Brodie Moore (Veteran Benefits Australia) pt2

October 13, 2023

S04E22 - Brodie Moore (Veteran Benefits Australia) pt2

In the final episode of season 4 Andy concludes his chat with Brodie Moore, ex 6RAR veteran, Registered Nurse and spokesperson for Veteran Benefits Australia.

Brodie share's his lived experience transitioning from military to civilian life,  he speaks to coming back to his Jiu-Jitsu training and the opportunities through the sport which which allowed him a smoother transition into being a civvy. This however wasn't without its challenges where Brodie recalls the big culture shift and difference in mindset from the military, in particular lowing his expectations and standards to meet his new surroundings and work culture.

Their conversation then pivots to Brodies curiosity and thirst for knowledge in medical and health care fields leading him to further studies and becoming a Registered Nurse and landing a job in the Emergency Department (ED) of a private hospital.

Through his jiu-jitsu Brodie also met a key figure at Veteran Benefits Australia where he felt the organisation was in alignment with his values and interest in preventative care. He's now a spokesperson for the organisation where the pair chat the amazing things VBA is doing for the veteran community and their immediate support.

Veteran Benefits Australia's mission is to help veterans connect with trusted and reputable sources of information on services, and programs available to them post-military services. A recent addition to VBA's offerings is their program to assist veterans to connect with Psychiatry services with a focus on claims reports to streamline what is often a frustrating and lengthy process for veterans., especially when they're not in the best mental health state.

Listen to the concluding episode to find out more about the whole range of services VBA provides.

Contact -  Brodie Moore
Help Lines Open Arms (VVCS) | Lifeline | RedSix app


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