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S04E21 - Brodie Moore (Veteran Benefits Australia) pt1

October 05, 2023

S04E21 - Brodie Moore (Veteran Benefits Australia) pt1

In the season finale episodes Andy speaks with Brodie Moore, ex 6RAR soldier, now spokesperson for Veteran Benefits Australia.

Brodie shares his enlistment and recruit training experiences, subsequent posting to 6RAR and how he used his martial arts skills having trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to inadvertently create an opportunity building rapport, trust and confidence to be a handful of young diggers posted to the company within the battalion next-in-line to deploy to Afghanistan. It was his enlistment dream and wish come true.

Moving on he also details daily life at a Forward operating base, keeping tabs and being real when it came to recognising the signs and looking out for the welfare of his fellow comrades, especially when there were indicents that caused casualties and KIA's in the latter part of their tour.

Rounding off part 1 Brodie candidly shares his post deployment / transition mindset and development of "bad and toxic habits:" that were used as coping mechanisms to process his traumas and transition to civilian life and the point where he decided to take action to reset and rebuild, calling on his martial arts training and repurposing his military skills to give him purpose and determination to do positive things and be of service.

Tune in to the season finale episode where Andy and Brodie shift their focus to the amazing work Veteran Benefits Australia is doing for the veteran community.

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