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S04E18 - Trudy Dwyer (WAPOL / Bibulmun self discovery) pt2

August 31, 2023

S04E18 - Trudy Dwyer (WAPOL / Bibulmun self discovery) pt2

In the concluding episode to host Andy's chat with Trudy Dwyer, ex WAPOL officer (General Duties), the pair shift the focus to the point in time where Trudy was experiencing the debilitating effects of her PTSD, anxiety and dysfunctional nervous system.

Being stood down from duty medically wasn't easy for Trudy to come to terms with and she withdrew further, self medicating, stress eating and increased drinking leading to putting on weight....she entered a toxic feedback loop.

It got to a point where Trudy decided enough was enough and made the decision to seek specialist help and have a go at a holistically based approach to the treatment of her PTSD and repairing her nervous system. This is where the idea of the Bibbulmun track was planted, slowly allowing herself the TLC and self care to build up the courage getting out the house, to walking outside, the lead up training and trekking 1000km to become a member of the "end to ender" alumni of the Bibbulmun track.

She highlights the insights of life on the track with "me, myself and I" alone with her thoughts, reconnecting with nature and the power it has to transform, repair and build....especially her nervous system.

Completing the Bibbulmun track was an achievement and catalyst for her Post Traumatic Growth and continued journey and it also enabled Trudy to come to accept that although she is no longer able to serve the community in law enforcement it, she's capable of repurposing her skills to service the community in many other ways.

Guest -  Trudy Dwyer
At the request of Trudy we've respected her privacy and not provided contact details.
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