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S04E17 - Trudy Dwyer (WAPOL/ Bibulmun Self Discovery) pt 1

August 24, 2023

S04E17 - Trudy Dwyer (WAPOL/ Bibulmun Self Discovery) pt 1

In this episode host Andy chats with Trudy Dwyer, a former WAPOL officer (General Duties). The pair chat about her motivation to join WAPOL as a mature age recruit and (at the time) single mum with two teenage kids.

From her lens Trudy shares her experience at the recruit training college and the generational gap between her and the majority of the cohort. What was initially a dream posting  to a smaller station closeby to where she grew up in the Goldfields region, Western Australia slowly turned into a nightmare with her experiencing a cumulation of on-the-job organisational trauma and increased workplace bullying.

Trudy shares a glimpse of how debilitating these traumatic experiences were for her on a daily basis, the isolation of not being able to confide in her immediate support person (as they were at same posting) and the negative impact this had on her nervous system.

Closing part one of their chat she touches on how "Grapevine" chat set her up for failure at a subsequent posting which was supposed to be a fresh start for her and her husband.

Tune in to part two where the pair discuss her ongoing pathway to post traumatic recovery & growth including her "Bibbulmun Track" sojourn to reset her nervous system.

Guest -  Trudy Dwyer
At the request of Trudy we've respected her privacy and not provided contact details.
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