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S04E14 - Lex D Reilly (Compelled) pt2

August 03, 2023

S04E14 - Lex D Reilly (Compelled) pt2

Strap in for the concluding episode of host Andy's chat with Lex D Reilly, Army veteran (6RAR), survival expert, wellness coach and founder of "Compelled" as an international wilderness guide.⁠

Lex allows himself to be vulnerable by opening up and sharing a snapshot of his work, personal struggles what daily life was like at end of his military career, transitioning back to civilian life and toxic coping mechanisms of alcohol and substance abuse. At this point his purpose and self-care plan wasn't a 10 year plan, it was a minute to minute, day by day plan to survive.

Something had to give as Lex's life was unravelling around him. At this low point he made a life changing decision placing a challenge on himself to face adversity, reconnect to himself, surroundings and to survive in a primal state and  through nature. This was the perfect setting to reset.... which he achieved. It was to be the catalyst for the long road to personal, spiritual, emotional maturity and growth based on holistic and primal principles.

Fast forwarding to the present day Lex now shares his passion for nature, survival and hollisticaly wellness through Compelled expeditions, "to guide you in connecting further with nature, learning key wilderness skills through memorable experiences to bring a sense of inner peace".

Lex's story is inspirational, he's also part of a fast growing movement of men who believe and address the topics of masculinity, spirituality and growth.

Listen to the episode to find out more about his "Compelled" story.

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