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S04E12 - Shane Saunders (Breathe Me) pt2

July 13, 2023

S04E12 - Shane Saunders (Breathe Me) pt2

In the concluding episode of his chat with Shane Saunders, Navy veteran, co-founder of Breathe Me & Online Breathing Academy, author, mentor, hi-performance/wellness coach and entrepreneur.

The pair discuss how Breathwork (pranayama) found Shane through his curiosity,  passion for knowledge and by experiencing the benefits of a regular self practice there was potential that they could help thousands of people.

Moving forward Shane shares how he and wife, Angelina, co-founded Breathe Me and the Online Breathing academy, he also shares many nuggets of gold and a self-regulation technique that our audience can easily implement into their own self-care / daily life.

Contact -  Shane Saunders
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