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S04E08 - Mike House (Survivalist - Unshakeable) pt2

November 28, 2023

S04E08 - Mike House (Survivalist - Unshakeable) pt2


In the concluding episode of Andy's chat with survivalist, corporate speaker, change leader and author Mike House the pair discuss how to create some kind of a certainty where none exists  such as losing your job (e.g around the context of discharge from military/first responder organisations on Medical Grounds or prior to the member being ready to move on)

A  key to creating a sense of purpose is looking at the broader picture than the job itself  Mike explains what that looks like and by  lifting a capacity to  deal with pressure and uncertainty helps address the  problem.  Individuals need to be able to answer what excites them. Mike expands on  this and how having a purpose has a huge impact on how you deal with tough periods citing conversation with the various workers he has met or observed over the years and their clarity around purpose even if their jobs aren’t exciting.

He talks at length about organisational dynamics.    Where workers might be doing well in their lane but the overview is lost as departments blame each other.   He outlines at length about exploring “purpose” when you may be questioning that.  People that survive against the odds usually have a greater reason than themselves to survive and  they discuss a wide range of what that might look like for our listeners and  questions to  ask yourself  to find  your purpose right now.   

A skill set doesn’t disappear it’s ready to repurpose at another time.   They talk about points of relevance and what problems can I solve with my knowledge?   Within the audience today are heaps of relatable experiences that you can deliver answers  to.    Solve  audience problems by writing, speaking , podcasts etc.   Mike comments draw from his public speaking experience and covers a lot of content.

“So putting all this together in survival context, someone in our audience today may be transitioning out of a first responder organisation, maybe feeling a bit lost, what are their steps to move forward?” Two processes generally cover duress which can be immediate or a window of days, weeks or months.

Tips to NOT get into the “why” of emotion but how to deal with ‘what” you are feeling.  Rabbit holes versus what you can control and how to pull that horizon forward, Mike gives clarity to the steps.

Mike is the author of two books, "Thrive and Adapt" about the line between circumstance and response and "Unshakeable" containing the tactics and mindsets of (un)shakeable leaders, also an amazing book.   

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