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S04E04 - Adam Blum (True Blue Conversations) pt2

August 23, 2023

S04E04 - Adam Blum (True Blue Conversations) pt2

In the concluding episode Andy presses RFS first responder (Deputy Captain), podcast host and author Adam Blum about the circumstances around his turning point.  Tired of living in emotional pain,  his psychologist encouraged him to look at the root causes at a similar time that Adam was reaching the same conclusion.  Adam went for Gastric banding surgery to solve increasing weight, diagnosis of borderline diabetes and reduced life.   That diagnosis was a new low point in Adams life as he  walked out of the GPs surgery at only 27 with a life expectancy of 34.   

Post surgery it changed his life astronomically.  Being vulnerable,  from a clinical stand point with some hard truths, moved Adam forward. Post surgery there were a lot of side effects.  It  was exactly as his specialist said and began immediately after.  No quick fix, Adam dedicated himself through a nutritionist to getting his health back and no longer grazes on the wrong foods..  Essential to a good recovery journey is forming your own health team as Adam outlined.   He now has a personal trainer coach for Triathlon training, Sarah Watson, a former Army Intelligence Major.  He expands on how he met her and despite her living 3 hours away Sarah keeps him accountable on his three disciplines of triathlon training.   There are goals set around that.  What about sharks and the ocean swims Andy enquires?   Mindset was the reply then Adam expanded on competition, team sports, individual PB, he  felt that his pursuit covers it all, further, the voice that said “you’ll ever amount to anything “ is a distant memory.   

A positive mindset has has opened many doors and opportunities, even a work promotion.  Adam continues that  every day isn’t blue skies but the good days outweigh the bad now.   Coming from a military family Adam initially wanted to sign up.   Not being selected was yet another low point that said “ you don’t fit in.”  But life came through with an aligned but different pathway where Adam feels he has still connected with that community and found his tribe.   At disappointment you learn, you adapt and overcome.   You don’t listen to that negative voice because some of the best moments have grown out of the biggest setbacks. 

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