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S03E11 - Dave Esler (The Gap RSL) pt3

August 23, 2023

S03E11 - Dave Esler (The Gap RSL) pt3

In this weeks concluding episode with Dave Esler, veteran and President of "The Gap" Qld RSL sub-branch we continue his story and additional projects he's passionate about including firt repsonder focused NFP "Trek2Health."

Who we support it's police fire ambulance Like Emergency Nurses and veterans. And the, the thing that we're out to accomplish is to rebuild resilience in people who may have lost that through their service in some capacity. And, and we were discussing before we hit record, right that, but as a, as a veteran, we yours and my deployment experience was not the same the similarities, right we, we do force preparation, we kiss the family, goodbye, jump on a plane, and we're gone for six months, we're in a different country away from family and, and you're in that zone, the entire deployment.

You go, you're there to do a job, you mission focus for the entire time, and then you come home and deal with it. Right? The first responders, it's a different, it's a different life, you know that they're going to start shift, whatever time they start, she put the game based on the rap the community, serving the community, and they see whatever they see, and they do whatever they do, then they've got to take off uniform or go home with their family. And they do that every single day.

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