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Tales from the road 04 - Trinity (Midnight 23)

July 16, 2021

street art image of woman with black cockatoo on her shoulder

On our way to our next stop of Atherton tableands/Cairns we encountered some pot holes which I tried to avoid but we hit one quite hard and the caravan leaf spring suspension broke.

Stuck in Cairns for the next 14 days we found an amazing veteran holiday accomodation a road back from the main drag of Trinity beach whilst our caravan was fixed by Warpac trailers  and covered by our insurance.

It had been a while since I've done a mix of awesome underground bangers. It was just thing I need to get through dry July and beating the winter blues.

Mindful Photography - street art image was taken at Cairns splash-zone, a large family friendly swimming space on the foreshore....away from the crocodiles