Invisible Injuries- Mental health ambassadors

Our Mission

We’re a ACNC registered charity providing support to veterans, first responders and their immediate support experiencing PTSD through connection and leadership as mental health ambassadors.

Invisible Injuries is currently delivering our message via a national PTSD awareness campaign. "Leading by example" Our tour documents the story of the Fermo family through the lens of the sufferer, immediate support and their ambassadorship of holistically based activities, experiences, programs for self-care and post traumatic growth based on credible medical research.

Our charity promotes mental-health by sharing the lived-experiences of our peers and providers through our podcast. Our "boots on the ground" approach highlights locally available support groups and programs, connecting our audience via our online database, and self-care tools via our mindfulness resources.




 Our philosophies



icon of a head showing the brain with a tick inside depicting positive mental health

PTSD…..An injury

Like a physical injury, we believe Post Traumatic Stress can be treated.

Recovery and Maintenance is proportional to the work put in.
A recovered injury will always be susceptible to recurrence in various degrees and depending on the triggers and the situation.


icon of a person hugging a heart depicting self-care


"Prevention is better than cure" by having a solid system in place before symptoms escalate.
Measures in place so that the conversation of "Suicide" is destigmatised and connection to crisis support can be facilitated.
Be kind to yourself, we’re all human and it’s part of life to make mistakes. Take ownership, reassess, learn and move forward.


icon of a person holding an arrow aimed at a target in the distance depicting purpose


Enabling a person to regain and find their "Purpose" and a reason to live to prevent more occurrences of self-harm/suicide
Having PTSD doesn't define you as a person, it’s what we do and the actions we take to enable us to live our best life, however that may look.