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S04E07 - Mike House (Survivalist - Thrive & Adapt) pt1

November 28, 2023

S04E07 - Mike House (Survivalist - Thrive & Adapt) pt1



In this episode we speak with Mike House, survivalist, agent for organisational change, public speaker and author.  

Mike was initially moved by the statistics around civilian loses in the outback, especially WA, due to an adverse event and walking away from their vehicle.   Either self rescue or by other means, there is a critical 48  – 72 hour survival period which very much depends on how the lost person reacts.  Sadly 24 hours and 24 kilometres from their vehicle is the harsh average death  in remote settings.   So Mike teaches not to go for the comfort zone but know what to do.  Survival  and adventure skills go hand in hand, something that the military and first responders do well.  Of course today there is a lot of technical stuff to help with outdoor pursuits but  what  happens  if equipment is not available and you have to improvise… that’s the question Mike found himself considering.   As skill and confidence increases from his programs, having a little water, your clothes and a pocket survival kit means you can start from nothing.

So putting yourself in adverse circumstances with limited resources, mindset is the next big consideration.   How people behave under pressure.   Who cares how you got  there,  concentrate your energy on surviving long enough to get out alive.   Mike takes everyday items and puts them through a multipurpose lense to consider different ways to use them for survival.  He talks through his  thinking,   So this has happened, not ideal, what can be done about it, acceptance with its consequences or play the game to change the outcome.   They  discuss shoe laces and personal disposition about  consequences of action or lack of it.   

In the military you can’t cry when shit happens or blame someone else Andy comments, you have to crack on with the resources you have with a sense of urgency and worry about the rest later.  With regard to PTS the takeaway here is recognising you’ve been impacted by it.  Don’t sit around waiting for a place here or there, programs, funding etc.  Meantime you are responsible for your own survival and safety.  Use whatever resources are at hand right now.   

Mike makes a bike riding analogy about what’s effective thinking when things have gone sideways.  Think it through, don’t be reactive be adaptive.  We are motivated by certainty unless we change our mindset.

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